In this part of the blog series, I will tell you what we have done recently in the field of digital self-services, how we achieved the results and what benefits self-service brings to our customers. Let's start from what we do and how we work. 


Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver 

Our digital self-service offering consists of two areas, self-service solution and self-service HW solutions.  On the both areas we are able to provide full services from single point of contact to cover product whole life-cycle 

Self-service solutions 

  • Booking, rental and sharing solutions 
  • Information and guidance solutions 
  • Automotive self-service solutions 
  • Digital customer service solutions 

Self-service HW solutions 

  • Kiosks 
  • Self-service POS 
  • Self-service terminals 
  • Locker concepts 

We have built a work model that will fit to smaller and larger projects. Our intention is to start from small part and later move on to the main project. In our model we call these two phases “preliminary study” and “service creation”. 


Preliminary study

The preliminary study process proceeds in four phases:

  1. DiscoverWe start from gathering all the needed information in cooperation with our customer to deeply understand the needs and vision. This is achieved by best suitable methods to the case via our professional facilitators. 
  2. Define: Based on the discovered information, our architects and designers collect, define and design the concept. 
  3. Develop: To confirm and reassure that we fill the needs and vision, we will prototype of the product. Prototype can be visual UI, 3D design, small software or even 3D printed component.
  4. Deliver: To finalize the preliminary work, we will review the result and go through what we learned together with our customer. 


Service creation

Our service creation process is a natural continuation of the first phase. Basically, it consists of mini-cycles of same process used in preliminary study. We repeat the cycle one after the other to achieve the goal. Main difference is in the project scope, which usually contains the complete result of target set in preliminary study. 

Our process has been proved to be successful in many mid and large size projects where we have been part of the project group or in a driver position to lead the whole project. In any case, at least internally, we follow our work model principals. 



We bring our knowledge and experience to your aid  

We have built many different self-service concepts for different industries. Some are smaller than others, others receive more attention and media publicity than others. Depending on how unique the concept is, the higher the marketing value achieved through publicity. But this also involves known risks. If the usability of concept is not designed correctly or there are major bugs in the software, bad publicity can ruin all the work done. Bad publicity is hard to fix. Therefore, a finished design and implementation is especially important. 

In our experience, however, the benefits our customers have received from self-service have been significant. Reaching end customers by bringing services closer and enabling longer opening hours has also brought in new users. 


Here are a few customer stories we are very proud of:. 

What kind of digital self service solution would support your business? Let's find out together!