In each installment of this blog series, we take a peek at a typical workweek of an Etteplan MORE employee and get to hear their thoughts on being part of our relaxed work community.

Etteplan MORE System Specialist Niko

In this first installment, we get to hear about Technical Specialist Niko Heikura’s typical workweek. We asked Niko about his week and which is better: ‘Thursday afternoon coffee in our Hervanta office or ‘donut Friday’ at our office in the Tampere city center.

Having a flexible job is motivating

This week, Niko is working the morning shift, which starts at six a.m. Luckily, he can start his work day remotely, which is a big plus for Niko. “I start getting up a bit before six, then I switch on my laptop and cell phone. I don't feel the urge to cook porridge at five a.m; instead, I can just start working right away.” At 8 a.m, the rest of the team starts their day at the office, at which point our shift worker has the option to join the others. Only those working in application management work in shifts. The others, such as those working in software development, enjoy a very flexible work schedule.

Since Niko’s tasks vary greatly from week to week and day to day, he finds it difficult to describe a typical workweek. It is this variety and flexibility that Niko identifies as the best aspect of his job. “I’m never forced to repeat the same things over and over again, and I can work flexible hours whenever I need to,” he says.

For Niko, the highlight of the past week was Kick Off, an informal training event and office party that brought together the entire Etteplan MORE staff. This year’s Kick Off focused on the company strategy and success stories from the previous year and provided an opportunity to spend time with colleagues. “We enjoyed karaoke at Ilona,” Niko says with a smile, reminiscing about the team’s enthusiastic take on a classic Finnish song. Overall, Niko sees the company’s flat organization as a big positive. “For example, having your lunch with a member of the management team doesn't feel at all out of place.”

Etteplan MORE Työntekijän viikko Niko Heikura


From coworkers to friends

Work is work, and it cannot always be fun and games. For Niko, the best motivation to push through challenges comes from the work community itself. “I’ve made some good friends here, and I’m happy to come here in the morning.” Time permitting, Niko attends various events organized by other MORE employees, such as the Prison Island adventure. He is also a frequent member of the company’s unofficial swimming and running club. “I can’t seem to shake off my coworkers even in my free time,” Niko says, with a laugh.

In fact, originally, Niko joined the Etteplan MORE team (Eatech at the time) thanks to a friend’s recommendation. “A friend of mine knew Topi, who had first worked in application management and then transferred to development. One time, we were out partying and my friend introduced me to Topi, who told me that they might have a suitable job for me.” In November 2016, Niko became part of the relaxed Etteplan MORE community and has been very happy about his position ever since.

“In a flexible workplace such as this, I can take on new responsibilities or, if necessary, change them altogether. I think that I’ll be happy working here in the future as well.”

Niko divides his time between our two offices in Tampere, one in Hermia and the other in Tulli. For Niko, the Tulli office feels more cozy and relaxed: the office consists of a single compact coworking space. However, when asked which is best, Thursday afternoon coffee in the Hermia office or donut Friday in the Tulli office, the balance tips in favor of the city center. “On the other hand, our Thursday afternoon coffees usually include a number of slightly healthier options, but having a donut is a pretty good way to start your weekend,” Niko says.