In each installment of this blog series, we take a peek at a typical workweek of an Etteplan MORE employee and get to hear their thoughts on being part of our relaxed work community.

Etteplan MORE Projektipäällikkö Anni

In this installment, Project Manager Anni Janger talks about her week in the office. We asked Anni about her typical workweek, the things she finds most motivating in her work and how she uses her leisure time to counterbalance her work.


Lots of variety throughout the week

This time, as usual, Anni’s week consisted of similar yet different days. “My weeks are quite varied, but for the most part, I spend my time speccing projects, coordinating personnel resources, steering our team’s work and keeping in touch with our clients,” Anni says.


Anni joined the Etteplan MORE team in January 2016, when the company was still called Eatech. Initially a software designer, Anni soon realized that she was more interested in working as a project manager, a role she currently occupies. During her time as a software designer, she worked mostly on web projects, which has its benefits in her current role. “With a solid understanding of coding and practical experience in the field, I’m better equipped to consider the technical aspects of improving our clients’ business. This fluency in both IT and business is something I use almost constantly in my work,” Anni says.

According to Anni, Etteplan MORE has a genuine, conversational atmosphere.

According to Anni, Etteplan MORE has a genuine, conversational atmosphere. She looks forward to coming to work in the morning; the office has a good overall vibe, and Anni feels she can speak openly. “For me, being able to talk about anything and getting my voice heard is probably the most important thing. If there’s an everyday problem, I can always talk about it and people are willing to do something about it.”

This week was something of a break from the usual, since Anni led a session of office zumba for her colleagues. After the day’s work, the team cleared their tables and soon, the room was filled with salsa and cumbia rhythms. In fact, it is physical activities such as this, along with spending time with friends and family, that help Anni maintain a good balance in her life. Anni praises the company’s MORE Club initiative, which supports its employees’ leisure activities and provides opportunities for them to spend their free time with colleagues. “Through the Club, I get to meet MORE employees from around Finland, which is great!”


Managing the big picture

The spark for steering her career towards becoming a project manager came from planning and scheduling her own tasks. According to Anni, the most interesting aspects of her work are long-term planning, scheduling and the overall future-oriented thinking involved. The tight schedules and the number of individual tasks can be overwhelming at times, which means that having a firm grasp of the big picture is a must. “My work as a project manager consists of both managing projects as a whole and speccing their minutiae, which makes it very intense and interesting,” Anni says.

Anni’s responsibilities extend beyond her own work, which means that she is keen to keep an eye on what is happening across the entire organization. According to Anni, she likes to participate in Kick Off events, office breakfasts and all kinds of briefings. “I like to stay in the loop about what is happening in the company, and, of course, it’s always nice to see your coworkers.” 

"I can work with my own personality front and center, and I’m allowed to take responsibility”
Etteplan MORE Työntekijän viikko runebergin torttu

Relaxed and tightly-knit community

According to Anni, Etteplan MORE provides the same kind of a relaxed work community that its predecessor Eatech used to. Anni finds it positive that even though the company name has changed, her job and the community has remained largely unchanged. “I can still work with my own personality front and center, and I’m allowed to take responsibility,” Anni says.

When asked about how she feels about her working environment, she described it as relaxed and comfortable, just like home. “I can walk around wearing wool socks and drink coffee from my own mug. You could say that even as a space, this is like a home away from home.” Anni identifies her working environment as relaxed but hard-working.