Working at Etteplan MORE    

At Etteplan MORE, we value varied and diverse tasks that maintain and foster our employees’ skills. Our success is thanks to MORE employees, so we do everything we can to make sure they are satisfied and enjoy their work. See our open positions here. 

Having the opportunity to influence one’s own work is motivating and inspiring. We value our experts and their skills – our employees are allowed to work in the best way they see fit, without unnecessary red tape and rules. 

Our goal is for Etteplan MORE to be a laid-back workplace for our employees – somewhere they enjoy being and are eager to stay longer. Continuous development takes center stage for us, and it is one of the reasons why we actively stay on top of the latest developments in the field and take advantage of the latest technology in our work. 


What is it that we do? 

Our service portfolio covers everything a company needs in its digital project. We are there whenever software is needed between an idea and the world. We offer our customers high-quality insight-driven solutions, solutions for building business-critical systems, value-creating digital applications and services, and solution and application management. We implement all our solutions with great care and quality. We ensure our service excellence through usability and architectural design, software testing and analytics solutions. 

Etteplan MORE is a trusted partner to its customers. This makes it easy for MORE employees to build open and confidential customer relationships and see the results of their work also in practice. We are motivated by meaningful work that is done well. Our satisfied customers speak for themselves – read about our partners here.


A family-friendly and flexible employer 

We are flexible when it comes to different life situations. We are a family-friendly workplace, and we encourage our employees to take their parental leave. We were also the first company to take on the Dad Challenge, an initiative to promote a healthy work/family balance for fathers:

Our working hours also flex according to the situation: our employees have praised our flexible working hours, and several of them take advantage of the remote working opportunities we offer. A number of MORE employees have also ended up working part-time for the company while simultaneously completing their studies. Read about the opportunities we offer students here.


A wealth of personnel benefits 

In addition to interesting work, we offer MORE employees a wide range of personnel benefits to support their work satisfaction and well-being. This includes: 

  • Education, training and recreational activities 
  • Leisure-time activities with co-workers 
  • Internal events at the workplace 
  • MORE benefit (you can use it for exercise and culture vouchers, massage sponsor and certain bonus purchases, like headphones)
  • Freedom to choose work tools and equipment 
  • Lunch benefit 
  • Snacks and breakfast 
  • Comprehensive occupational healthcare services 
  • Ergonomic work stations 

Together we are MORE 

We believe in working together and openness. Our office doors are always open, making it easy for anyone to engage in conversation. MORE is the result of MORE employees – we are united in our desire to develop and to help our customers improve their business. 

We value a passion for learning and team spirit. Our employees come from various backgrounds, and we believe that the best team is made up of different types of people and experts. We work hard without compromising our laid-back approach. 


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