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Car ownership is in a state of flux, as it is more and more common to acquire a vehicle when needed, rather than own one. The same trend can be seen in corporate cars, where the flexibility of driving is stretched to new dimensions. Etteplan MORE implemented ALD Yhteiskäyttö service for ALD Automotive. The service is a response to the changing needs of corporate motoring.

ALD Yhteiskäyttö a car sharing service for the business world which allows work teams to get a common car for work and coordinate its use with a mobile application. ALD Yhteiskäyttö is designed primarily for corporate motoring, but the Plus service also allows the private use during employee's free time, for example during a weekend. In the mobile application booking calendar, you can set times for work and leisure.


The ALD Yhteiskäyttö service puts the car fleet to a more efficient use and provides the company with clear cost savings and a real-time drive reports. In addition, car sharing is a more environmentally friendly choice. Etteplan MORE has implemented the background systems as well as the mobile application and web interface.

ALD Yhteiskäyttö mobiilisovellus


Easy to use service - IoT technology anticipates maintenance needs

The service works with a mobile app that can be used to book a suitable car after registration. The car can be easily booked and returned to the location shown on the map, and even keys are not required. The doors open with the application and the car starts with the start button. The service provides cost sharing through an electronically automated process.

With the service, companies are free from time-consuming bookkeeping when they no longer have to take care of paper bill or mileage reimbursements. The car user doesn’t have to worry about refueling or charging the car, because intelligent IoT technology anticipates the need for maintenance. The user of the service can concentrate on driving, as ALD Automotive takes care of all maintenance and ensures the car's cleanliness on behalf of users.

ALD Yhteiskäyttö

ALD Automotive is the leading service leasing company in Finland. Leading market position has been achieved by responding to customers' needs and providing a competitive solution for ownership and management of companies' fleet of cars. ALD Automotive operates in more than 40 countries and manages more than one million vehicles worldwide. ALD Automotive is the third largest company in the world that provides business leasing services cars, and in Finland the car leasing service started already in 1979.

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