Etteplan MORE implements business-driven digital services and develops the existing systems further for the asset management services company Elite Alfred Berg. The cooperation is based on the best practices developed along with the long partnership. For instance, including UX Design in the projects from the very beginning has made the goals more clear and improved the mutual understanding in projects.  

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UX Design as Common Language in the Project

In order to guarantee better customer experience Elite Alfred Berg wanted to renew the user interface of its online service. The needed changes and the most important features were discussed based on the existing online service. 

In a software project a shared view on the expectations and objectives of the project play a crucial role. From the very beginning of the project the customer, project manager and UX designer were involved in the planning. Including UX Design in the project right from the beginning was a great decision, since the sketches made by the designer opened up the discussion for all parties.

“We found that it’s a lot easier for the customer to comment on the plans when they actually see the suggested solution.” says Anni Janger, Project Manager at Etteplan MORE.

The expected result of the project was therefore clear and agreed upon by all parties. Important corrections and changes could be made in the sketch version already before the programming began.

Better Customer Experience with Digital Systems

Thanks to excellent planning and open discussions the requirement specifications and effort estimations were planned very accurately. The online service was launched within the time specified and the customer was pleased with the result.

“Elite Alfred Berg got the renewed, customer-oriented and visually refined online service that was implemented efficiently. The planning, defining and implementation were carried out in collaboration with our business” says Juha Parviainen, CIO at Elite Alfred Berg. 

“In the project we learned agile software development methods, which were new to Elite Alfred Berg. During implementation the business has an important role as product owner. Etteplan MORE’s team and the skilled Scrum Master helped to adopt the development model, and the result proves that the model works very well. We are planning to expand agile software development practices also in other areas” Juha continues.

Through the online service the customers can for example examine information on their assets or to place buy and sell orders. The renewed user interface is simple to use and the most important functionalities are easily found thanks to a clear navigation.

Besides the user interface renewal, several other projects have also been carried out during the long partnership. Together with Elite Alfred Berg, Etteplan MORE has developed monthly PDF reporting to customers and developed employee fund service by implementing new digital systems.

Considering the whole partnership the user interface renewal was just another project among others. However, along with the project new practices were implemented in the partnership to confirm excellent results already in the beginning of any project.

Business-oriented and Flexible Partner

Asset management is the core business of Elite Alfred Berg. To support it Etteplan MORE and Elite Alfred Berg have planned and implemented also other up-to-date systems, which improve customer experience.

“Together with Etteplan MORE’s competent and business-driven development team we have been able to modernize and increase the effectiveness of our software development. In addition we have built new digital services and information systems to serve our customers with” says Juha Parviainen.

As digitalization partner Etteplan MORE’s work contribution and resourcing are flexible and adapt to the needs of the customer. At times developers, project managers or testing are needed on short notice.

“Along with the long partnership we have learned a lot from Elite Alfred Berg’s business, which helps us to develop their systems even more accurately” says Anni Janger, Project Manager at Etteplan MORE.

In future the goal of the partnership is to further develop the digital services and add new features. Even big changes in systems can be made agilely, because the collaboration has developed and best practices have been found.

“Now that the methods are well on track, we have reached real partnership. We can be sure that the customer will benefit from our solutions in the best possible way.” Anni Janger says.


Elite Alfred Berg is part of the EAB Group, which is a profitable and growing investment service company that provides its customers with unique and versatile savings, investment and asset management services. Elite Alfred Berg focuses on comprehensive and individual asset management that takes into account customer needs.


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