Logistics company Hakonen Solutions serves companies and private customers alike. In order to enhance their diverse operations and integrate their services, Hakonen is currently using an ERP system, with Etteplan MORE being one of the system’s suppliers. Etteplan MORE works together with the other suppliers in an open and reliable manner.

Hakonen Solutions is a pioneer of service logistics, specialising in life-cycle solutions – maintaining, transporting and recycling – of demanding pieces of furniture and equipment, together with its partners. Hakonen Solutions has a long history that dates back to 1918. Today, the company operates all over Finland, with a focus on the Helsinki area.

“Our specialty is bringing a variety of different professional skills to the same customer experience. We are able to solve several problems at once, such as how to install a new piece of equipment, how to implement it and how to remove the old one. We take care of our customers’ concerns”, says Development Director Johannes Stenius from Hakonen Solutions.

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Open collaboration between several parties

Over the past twenty years, Hakonen has grown significantly as the company has moved away from relying on organic growth and begun expanding through company acquisitions and adopting new areas of business as well. With the new areas of operation, the people at Hakonen realised their company was using multiple enterprise resource planning systems side by side.

“None of them were able to comprehend the entirety of our operations. That’s when we decided to build our own ERP system. This was done in collaboration with TEKES. We started the development in 2012, inviting a few partners to join us. By 2014 we were looking for more manpower to finish the system, which is when Etteplan MORE – Eatech of that time came along”, Stenius reminisces.

“Etteplan MORE is one of those rare IT companies that are able to collaborate with other companies instead of solely focusing on their own products and processes. We were looking for the kind of open collaboration where we could work things out without having to keep referring to the terms of our contract”, he emphasises.

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An honest, reliable and corageous partner

At the moment, Etteplan MORE maintains the ERP system and is the main business partner of Hakonen Solutions in developing it. Hakonen appreciates Etteplan MORE’s honesty, reliability and courage. The collaboration is based on openness.

“The most important things are openness and good communication. Etteplan MORE knows how to bring up issues and ask questions when necessary. I can call them or send them an e-mail at any time. We discuss things openly and honestly, so that we can reach the smartest possible solution.”

“I think Etteplan MORE is an exceptional company within the IT business, because they are sincerely committed to resolving a customer’s problems and reaching the best possible solution. We share the same mentality: ‘The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more’”, Stenius says.

“I can whole-heartedly recommend Etteplan MORE!”

Hakonen Solutions is a pioneer of service logistics specialising in life-cycle solutions of demanding pieces of furniture and equipment – maintaining, transporting and recycling those – together with its collaboration partners. Hakonen Solutions has a long history, starting from the year 1918. Hakonen has more than 250 experts, and it provides services to both businesses and individuals. The operations of the company focus on co-operation with the customers, who supply products, and they are supported by significant removal services. Long-term partnerships are an indication of successful customer relationship management and they also indicate the ability to evolve the processes continuously to meet the challenges of the period.

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