Jakamo offers a cloud service for communicating and sharing information between manufacturing companies. The service is available both as a browser-based version for computers and as a mobile application. Etteplan MORE has revamped the mobile version of the service. Jakamo’s service is not simply a collaboration tool for partners, but also a tool for managing the entire supply chain.

The mobile application complements Jakamo’s pre-existing web application. It for example gives the user the ability to check his or her responsibilities and tasks, and also enables the search of personnel and their contact details from the proper company network. The chat functionality facilitates interaction and also enables file sharing. The reworked application was implemented using React Native and is available for both Android and iOS platforms. The user experience has been ensured with intensive co-operation and iterative processes between Etteplan MORES’s user experience team, implementation team and Jakamo.  Wireframes were created to support the Web-application, which were then used as a base for the graphic look and the definitive mobile app user interface.


Etteplan MOREn ja Jakamon projektitiimi yhteiskuvassa


“Working together with Etteplan MORE’s team has been great. Communication has flowed excellently throughout the project, from the interface planning stages to the technical implementation and all the way to the publication. As a result, Jakamo’s users around the world can now benefit from an easy-to-use mobile application. This considerably speeds up our clients’ communications and information sharing along the supply chain.”

- Timo Rossi
CDO & Partner, Jakamo

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