Neste opened its first automated car wash station at Karakallio, Espoo in December of 2019. The back-end system and the automation solutions have been developed together with Etteplan MORE. The emphasis was to make washing the car as easy and comfortable as possible for the customers.

Easy Wash is the new unmanned car wash service by Neste.

– The customer can drive his or her car inside the car wash easily and the payment system has also been designed to be very easy to use. In addition to the easy access, we have also wanted to spice up the car wash with disco lights and lava foam. It makes even the people in the backseat think that 'wow, a car wash can actually be pretty cool, says Jukka Peltoniemi. He is responsible for the automated concepts and services of the Neste gas station network.


Jukka Peltoniemi says, that tis is the first Neste-owned car wash in a long, long time


The partnership between Neste and Etteplan MORE goes a long way. With the Easy Wash concept, the focus was set on automation since the very beginning. An important aspect was the development of payment automatization.

– We aim to provide our customers with the best possible customer experience. The way people pay for our services has a critical role in it, Peltoniemi emphasizes.

– This is the first Neste-owned car wash in a long, long time. The software behind the actual car wash was a bit outdated. This is what we built completely anew from scratch with Etteplan MORE, he continues.

”When we need their help with anything, they provide it very quickly”

According to Peltoniemi, the cooperation between the companies in creating these new back-end systems has been very successful.

– An essential thing when developing a whole new kind of service like this is that the payment system has to work from day one. We have to be able to rely on our partners and that's exactly what has happened here, Peltoniemi says.

– In addition to the fact that Etteplan MORE is brilliant in developing payment solutions, I also have to give credit to their administration skills. When we have needed their help with anything, they have provided it very, very quickly, he concludes.


Look at the video about the new car wash experience:

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