Etteplan MORE is Prima Pet Premium's partner for developing order processing solutions. A B2B online store was developed to save time in the office and to enable customers to manage their own orders smoothly according to their schedule. PPP wanted an original e-commerce solution which would adapt to their existing ways of action. 


Before the B2B online store, orders were handled mainly by e-mail, phone and fax. This took both the customer’s and PPP office’s time. Also due to manually recorded orders, there were a lot of recording errors related to orders, and product availability information was not available to customers. 

Together with the customer, Etteplan MORE went through the situation and identified needs in order to enhance the operations and reduce costs. The starting point for the e-commerce project was to enhance the customers’ ordering process and to develop an easy-to-use user interface that allows anyone to manage orders with it. 

The aim was to create an online store that allows easy user experience and a smooth purchase process. It was also important for the customer to be able to view the product information, product pictures and order history. 


When developing the e-commerce solution, eye-catching visibility, ease-of-use and speed were considered. It was important that making an order is fast, and that the order can be saved for later. It was essential to make the online store look so attractive that the end clients wanted to use it to make orders. The online store was integrated into the ERP system of the company, which enables the real-time availability information of the products. 


The online store was developed completely according to the company’s needs, so that the customer did not have to change their existing practices to match the system. Since the online store was made very simple, all the end clients started to use it fast. The end clients have liked the new ordering channel and have given positive feedback on the user experience. 

Additional sales are generated, for instance, with the Novelties and Outlet features of the online store. Also the flexibility of compiling an order increases the average purchase amount. You can start to make an order for instance on Monday and finish it at the end of the week. 

A lot of working time is saved in PPP office operations too, since the orders are no longer processed manually. That is why costs could be reduced. 

“B2B online store is a fast and easy-to-use ordering platform. The order is saved on the server by the online store for later use, so you can make the order in several stages. The maintenance need of the online store has turned out to be pretty low because the store is integrated into the ERP. Our customers have praised our online store as being the best in the field”
- Lari Majamäki, Development Manager at Prima Pet Premium Oy

Prima Pet Premium Oy is a manufacturer, importer and wholesaler of pet food and pet products. The company originates from Tampere, but is now located in Pirkkala, Finland. Prima Pet Premium has operated in the field since 1999. The company has wide experience and good supply channels with foreign suppliers and manufacturers and, furthermore, it is currently the largest domestically-owned company in the field in Finland. 

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