ProMart Oy operates in technical wholesales. They provide customers in the fields of manufacturing industry, construction, maintenance as well as workshops with tools and accessories.

“We offer different kinds of wares, ranging from tea bags to snow shoes: all the things that companies in manufacturing industry and construction need on a daily basis.” Hannu Pajula, CDO

Close partnership enables scalable business

We provide ProMart with software development services regarding the company’s mobile payments and product recognition. ProMart’s CDO Hannu Pajula on collaboration with Etteplan MORE:

“The mobile application suits our needs. Etteplan MORE has successfully designed and implemented all the features that we have needed, in the user interface.”

ProMart mobile application is a tool to scan products in customers’ stocks. Customers can easily place stock replenishment orders with the mobile application. It is very scalable which in turn makes it possible for ProMart to provide services to their customers in Finland as well as in Sweden.

ProMart was founded in 2009. It operates in Finland on six different sites and employs circa 60 people. ProMart serves customers in the manufacturing industry, construction, maintenance as well as workshops in Finland and Sweden. Read more from: