Etteplan MORE migrated Siparila’s business critical systems to AWS cloud environment. The solution adapts agilely to the business needs and is faster, more reliable and more cost-effective than before. 

Operational work is easier when ERP and Production Control Systems are found in the same cloud environment. Accessing the systems is no longer dependent on place or time, which makes remote working also more flexible. In addition, BI analytics can now be fully utilized. 

Thanks to the solution the total cost of ownership of the systems is lower. In the future no more big investments in own server infrastructure are needed. The integration is implemented serverless which means that it’s automatically scalable and the maintenance is also more inexpensive. 

Siparila Oy is the forerunner of the wood industry and supplies quality building materials such as interior and exterior siding materials. Founded in 2003 the family-owned business operates in Vaajakoski, Parkano and Kajaani and employs about 100 wood industry professionals. Read more: 

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