Solution for testing Emergency Lighting on top of AWS IoT

Etteplan MORE implemented a cloud-based central monitoring solution for testing Emergency Lighting in geographically distributed locations.

Confidence and reliability is the basis of all emergency lighting. A central monitoring system monitors all individual components of an emergency lighting system, and gathers all collected information to a single user interface. Etteplan MORE implemented MyTeknoware, a cloud-based and responsive solution for wireless central monitoring. As a managed cloud platform, it easily and securely connects devices, cloud applications and analytics.

My Teknoware on tablet


• Scalable central monitoring for any number of buildings and emergency lights

• The locations of all emergency lighting systems can be seen in real-time, at one glance

• Quickly deployable, and it doesn’t require any preliminary investment

• Responsive user interface on all mobile and desktop browsers

• Testing data is collected real time

“It has been great to get to design a modern cloud solution. AWS’s ready-made services on the IoT platform have significantly accelerated development without compromising on security and scalability”, says Etteplan MORE’s Business Architect Teemu Niiranen. “The domain is challenging as the number of emergency lighting fixtures in real estate can be huge. Lifecycle costs are also low, as implementation relies heavily on Amazon's serverless technologies.”

”Working together with Etteplan MORE has been easy and efficient. Their team of professionals has helped us select cutting edge technologies that match our needs the best. Also, agile development methods have allowed us to react to changing requirements without extra cost”, says Teknoware’s product development manager Miika Vuorinen.

Technologies used:


AWS IoT Core
AWS IoT Device Management
AWS IoT Device Defender
AWS Lambda
AWS CloudFormation
AWS Serverless Application Model
AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Amazon CloudWatch
Amazon Simple Email Service 




Teknoware designs and manufactures emergency lighting systems for buildings and cruise ships as well as high-quality led-based interior lighting systems for vehicles. With over 70 million EUR turnover they employ over 600 lighting experts in eight different countries, and the global network offers our expertise in more than 30 countries. The head office and largest production facilities are located in Lahti, Finland. Teknoware is part of the Teknopower Group.

More information about MyTeknoware:

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Teemu Niiranen

Business Architect

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