Let us look after your products after the go-live

Let us take care of your critical applications so that you can focus on your core business. A digital application is not a project that ends with the launch of the first version. Systems need continuous support, management and a development roadmap to maintain the competitiveness of the applications. Reliable maintenance during a system’s life cycle ensures that business-critical solutions function flawlessly around the clock. You can outsource the application management and further development to us; we provide a clear service promise and regular reports on availability. When a reliable partner understands your needs and takes care of management behind the scenes, you can use your own resources wisely – and get a good night’s sleep. Etteplan ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) team will look after your system for its entire life cycle, even 24/7 if necessary. 

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More proactive planning

In cost-effective operations, the risks are minimized. When we take care of your service’s operations 24/7 and fix problems quickly, you are able to plan your production more proactively and make the most of your resources.


Ensure development​

Our incremental development measures improve the reliability and competitiveness of your system. When you need to take a bigger leap and revamp your system more, we make sure that the implementation is accomplished free of risk.

Don’t forget the old

An old system can still be entirely feasible. Our experts can also take on systems made with old technology and build on them.


Our team of experts at Etteplan ALM will look after your system for its entire life cycle, even 24/7 if necessary. 


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Etteplan ALM - We are there to help you maintain and develop your systems

Application management​: We provide consistently high-quality management and extensive service hours. We react quickly, minimize solution times and get things done. Small development work is often part of the collaboration. We regularly supply precise maintenance reports. We also maintain the hardware related to the system.

Further development: We develop systems throughout their life cycle by making small proactive improvements. If a system requires major development work, the whole of Etteplan MORE’s expertise is at your service.

Application Management process


Knowledge transfer

Help Desk 2

Help Desk 3

Roll out, comissioning


We will analyze your application and create the optimal service model for its management.


We will look after the performance of your application. Our HD2 service oversees the technical maintenance and proactive servicing of systems. Our technical support service is available 24/7 as needed.


Is your application in need of minor adjustments or further development? Is there a problem that requires changes to the code? Our HD3 service offers diverse code-based management for systems implemented using various technologies.


Comprehensive rollouts are often challenging multi-supplier projects. We are glad to get out in the field and enthusiastic about taking on tasks. We prepare the hardware for the rollout and make sure that commissioning is a success through precise project management and meticulous testing. Our project managers are the best of the best and ensure cost-effectiveness.


Digital devices

If you need devices, i.e. hardware, for your system, we are happy to design a cost-effective solution, whatever your need and environment. We conceptualize and implement total solutions from hardware to cloud. Etteplan’s comprehensive device development expertise allows us to design all aspects of a device and ensure that it meets the requirements and can be manufactured. We also take care of the commissioning of devices and connect them to cloud services.

Cloud services

We can transfer your system into the cloud, where you will have access to the latest technologies and innovations.


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