Efficiency through business-critical systems

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Your organization’s performance can take a great leap forward by streamlining and digitalizing processes. When real-time data on equipment and operations is available in different parts of your organization, operations can be fine-tuned for top performance. Automation and intelligent control take your business operations to a new level. A solution that is created on business terms brings a genuine competitive advantage 


Build a roadmap 

Industry 4.0 combines intelligence and production. Would it give you a competitive edge? We challenge you to identify and prioritize your business’s and your customers’ needs using strategic business design. Together we will create a digital roadmap for intelligent production.Our knowledge of the manufacturing industry, of logistics and payment processes and of the related requirements also help us create entirely new business.  


Take a leap in efficiency 

Smart systems and IoT allow you to monitor and control your critical functions and resources. 

At the same time, you ensure that you meet the set quality, volume and scheduling targets. The data is available to all key persons, regardless of their business location.  


Greater transparency 

When you combine data from your operative systems and equipment in the field, for example, in maintenance reports, you gain full transparency in your operations. At the same time, predictability and traceability rise to a whole new level. 

Why choose a business-critical system that only partly serves your business?

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    We are here to help you implement business-critical solutions 


    Service- and business design, IoT development, consulting 

    We chart needs, possibilities and alternatives, which form the basis for planning the best possible solution and a path for achieving it together with the customer. When building business-critical systems, risk minimization is taken into account right from the start, which is why it is important to choose a partner that will bring added value throughout the system’s life cycle. If you develop your solutions on your own and you need flexibility in your operations, we can offer you the assistance of our experts, who possess both technical competence and industry expertise. 


    Software development 

    We develop, implement and further develop the enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that best suit the customer’s needs. 

    ​We implement and maintain operative solutions that are at the core of your business, as well as manufacturing execution systems (MES), warehouse management systems (WMS), field maintenance solutions and control solutions for other operations.​ 

    In the solutions, we integrate the system into machinery and equipment. Drawing on our broad expertise, we can also design and supply IoT devices. 


    Analytics and data warehouses 

    We can boost your operations by integrating reliable and easy-to-understand analytics into your day-to-day management and strategic decision-making. We make use of the latest Azure and AWS solutions as part of our analytics and data platform solutions. We believe that combining reliable, transparent and easy-to-understand business data with machine learning is the key to successful data utilization in decision-making. 


    Cloud transformation 

    We will transfer your current solutions to a cloud platform, where we will build the required new elements, thereby improving their management, monitoring, accessibility and reliability, and allowing you to focus on more productive activities instead of IT management. We can offer you consulting services for creating your own cloud strategy and roadmap and, if needed, a full management service for your cloud infrastructure. Our certified architects employ solutions that are best suited to the customer, taking the performance and cost of the solutions into account. 


    We implement business-critical solutions that meet your needs, especially in the following areas:

    Service- and business design, IoT development, consulting 

    Software development 

    Service design 

    Business design 

    IT architecture consulting 

    Digitalization roadmap 

    IoT consulting 

    Software developers

    System projects 

    Enterprise resource planning (ERP) 

    Manufacturing execution systems (MES)  

    Warehouse management systems (WMS)  

    Logistics solutions 

    System integrations 

    Cloud transformation 

    IoT solutions 

    Industry 4.0 solutions 


    Why choose a business-critical system that only partly serves your business? Whatever solution you choose, we will make sure that it is compatible with your company’s day-to-day operations.

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