Software development according to customers’ needs is our core competence.

All our projects include excellence services that ensure a high level of software and service quality. In the needs-charting process, we map out the needs and demands that your business places on our excellence services. Our excellence services can also be purchased separately, as needed.


Etteplan MORE excellence


UX design & service design

Our UX team, which works closely with the technology, can clarify the cornerstones of your idea’s value creation, identify the expectations of your target audience and prioritize the most valuable features for your business. In line with Lean principles, user interfaces are designed to be executed within agreed frameworks, and the visual identity aims to raise the value of your brand. We believe that excellent design is born out of inspired co-operation and meticulously honed goals.


Software architecture & consultation

Software architecture lays the foundation for the overall software. Architecture is used to map out the overall technical needs and to create an understandable roadmap for building the service. This results in the highest possible quality of software development. Quality architecture design serves both more detailed software design and implementation, as well as its future application management and scalability.


Software testing

Our testing experts make sure that the developed software works in the specified manner. We focus on more than simply functionality; we also take the customer’s business needs into account in our testing processes, for example, in terms of the software’s usability. At Etteplan MORE, testing, design and software development always go hand in hand, so that we can optimally ensure the functionality and quality of the software being developed.


Data & analytics

Increasing data volumes through various IoT solutions and big data has opened up new business opportunities. Combining, classifying and visualizing raw data and operative data into an understandable form through dashboards helps make more informed decisions to support the business. When data collection processes are in good order, progressive analytics methods, such as machine learning, neural networks and AI, can be utilized, which brings significant benefits to various business areas. An analytics project executed together with a customer is a profitable investment in the future.


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With us as your partner, you can give your idea a light try, execute it to a high standard of quality and, finally, let us take care of the service.


  1. Give it a light try: We validate technologies and ideas, clarify productization and visualize product designs.
  2. Implementation project: We develop quality software employing agile and lean methods. Excellence is built into everything we do. Our projects encompass user experience and architecture planning, quality assurance and data utilization planning.
  3. Application management: We ensure business continuity and the application’s competitiveness for the long term. Read more about our application management services here.


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