Evolve and lead your business with analytics 

Our business-driven analytics solutions are tailored to your strategic targets, existing systems and industry standards. Our goal is to evolve your business using data obtained through analytics – smart analytics enable better value creation for your various stakeholders, not to mention open up entirely new business opportunities.

We offer solutions for, among other things: 

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  • Identifying and creating business needs from a technology viewpoint. What can your company accomplish with the help of insight-driven solutions? 
  • Introducing cloud technology. We build smart solutions using AWS or Azure platforms.
  • Closing possible gaps. We apply analytics to your entire business area, service or product, so that you get the most out of business insight.
  • Coordinating business insight projects. Thanks to our exhaustive know-how, we can serve as your partner in undertakings and projects of any scale.
  • Building IoT devices. Read more on Etteplan.com.


Data utilization and analytics can help you make more informed decisions.

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Data utilization and analytics can help you make more informed decisions. Smart solutions that rely on analytics allow you to not only boost your business operations by monitoring and optimizing their performance, but also to manage your business better by ensuring the quality of your operations and building data-based value-adding services.

Performance monitoring
Performance optimization Building value-added services Business and quality assessment

With our smart solutions you can monitor your business performance, error codes and users, not to mention guide your product development better.

Optimize your business with the analyzed data that our solutions offer. We can, for example, add intelligence to an individual product to the extent that it can independently optimize its operations and management. Our solutions meet many needs!
Our solutions can also be used to develop end-user applications and services. We can build entirely new services to support your core business and create added value for end users.

You can also use smart technology to monitor and assess the quality of your business-critical operations.

Are you looking to save costs, increase your revenue flow, create an entirely new business? We will tailor a solution to perfectly meet your business needs and goals. Our solution can be integrated into your existing systems to form a seamlessly functioning whole.

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Read more about how to make better decisions with data and how to benefit from analytics. Check out the article from here.

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